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"They are supplying us with “cutting edge” tools and methodology for using the tools effectively. No matter what your skill level, Nick, Tiff and staff find a way to connect and teach the skills necessary to advance the practice of neurotherapy."

Allison Hartzoge

We use several Neurofeedback/ Neuromodulation modalities at our clinic. The NeuroField folks continuously blow us away with their science and research-based hardware, software and protocol advancements in this field. It keeps us learning and excited, and gives us more and more tools to help people with a broad range of symptoms and histories. Nick Dogris and Tiff Thompson additionally provide an extensive amount of training and online learning opportunities, as well as one-on-one supervision; all with an approach that is friendly and accessible. We are exceptionally grateful to them, their Engineer Brad, and all of the other supportive entities that have helped their seeds of wisdom grow into a whole forest of cutting-edge modes of healing.

Gretchen Morse, DMA

"It is so hard to put into a few phrases how life-changing working with Neurofield technology is. It is not just the capacity to re-wire brains into healthier states that makes it so amazing but it comes with a wonderful tribe of brilliant clinicians who are willing to step out of the known and established methods of working with mental and physical health issues in order to explore new possibilities. You only have to see one non-verbal child with ASD start chatting away with a sibling after a couple of Neuromodulation sessions to realize that something really unparalleled has taken place. I can’t thank Dr. Dogris and Dr. Thompson enough for their effort developing this technology and the protocols, and for their time teaching, and sharing their knowledge. I can’t imagine working with my clients without these tools. My deepest gratitude to both of them and their amazing team."

Jennifer Sprague B.Sc., RP, BCN

"I have taken five classes from Dr. Dogris and Dr. Thompson over the past four years. The basic classes gave me the knowledge and understanding of how to help people achieve amazing results. The advanced classes gave me the confidence to try new technologies that are truly changing the future for children with brain injuries. I will continue to take educational offerings from The School of Neurotherapy. The knowledge and forward-thinking perspective they share has helped me grow personally and professionally."

Michael Helvey

"Dr. Nick Dogris is an absolute nut bar of a professor. You may not know what he’s on about but you will definitely get swept up in the enthusiasm of intergalactic space travel, made possible in your own brain.

Dr Thompson teaches with a baby on her hip, a thoroughly modern woman with a brain ready to explode with content and skill, steering the ship back on course, keeping everyone afloat.

Take this workshop, you’ll never be the same again."

Corinne Saunders, MD

"Owning NeuroField technology means you are part of  a movement dedicated to providing leading edge technology that continuously paves the way to building better brains through innovation. State-of-the-Art hardware, software, and training is consistently evolving and always at hand when you need it! Forever grateful…"

Cindy Reynolds, QEEG-T

"As a regular attendee of Tiff’s and Nick’s live workshops as well as their online case conferences and courses find myself looking forward to each event. I learn a lot from hearing Tiff riff and applying her clinical experiences to each QEEG presentation. The way Tiff gleans information from a raw EEG is like extracting nutrients from bone marrow. Nick’s straightforward approach and constantly evolving equipment and techniques provide me the most up-to-date tools for my daily practice."

Henry Owens, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

"Individual trainings and group online presentations: excellent step-by-step explanations in EEG reading, patient listening to my questions, and followed by NeuroField protocol instruction.

Tiff, my clients under your analysis and protocol setting have improved faster than any of my others over the last seven years. I will continue to consult with you. Thank you so much. I am also very happy to see the education endeavors you are planning for us. Your background prepared you well. We really need a systematic educational plan that takes us each step of the way logically."


"As a relative newcomer to the world of qEEG and neuromodulation, I felt very intimidated at first dabbling into such a fascinating science; but once I got a glimpse, I couldn’t go back. Your one-hour online tutorials on artifacting qEEGs and montages took very complex topics and made them easily understandable for such a novice. Hey, maybe I could do this after all. The case studies are my favorite by far. There is no better way to learn EEG than going through a case from scratch with two of the most brilliant people I have interacted with in my professional career (Dr. Dogris and Dr. Thompson). I have learned more from two rounds of case studies than I have in my entire career. I’ve come a long way from 2 channel non qEEG guided neurofeedback, but am still a tadpole, and I am looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge through the opportunities presented through this domain.

Thanks for all you do to pave the way in this exciting science!"

Rachael Bishop, Psy.d.

 "I recently completed an all-levels training with Dr. Tiffany Thompson and Dr. Nicholas Dogris. I have a number of clients who have made some progress in treatment but the changes have been slow or were not “sticking”. I was looking for a fresh perspective and a new approach to working with these clients.

They created a safe and supportive learning environment where participants of varying backgrounds and knowledge levels were treated with respect and sensitivity. Their overarching goal was to empower learning and to increase the effectiveness of our clinical practice.

I came away with invaluable new insights into client issues plus specific tools that help me more accurately interpret EEG data, and to match the findings to effective treatment protocols and strategies. I would also like to add that I very much appreciated the excellent modelling of collegiality in this discipline.

Lenka Zdrazilova, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Rachael Bishop, Psy.d.

"It’s been my pleasure to do live training, online training and mentoring with both Nick and Tiff.  I’ve enjoyed their ability to see things through different 'lenses simultaneously which allows us to understand patients needs. Always innovating, their dedication to improving clinical care and moving the field forward is inspiring to me. Being a part of the Neurofield tribe has enriched both my clinical and personal life in ways that still continue to surprise and delight me. Thanks Nick,Tiff and team!"

Dr. Peter DeShane, DC, HBSc

Easily the most relevant and the most immediately useful training I have participated in for many years!

Lenka Zdrazilova, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

The training at the Neurofield Boot Camp was tremendous. Dr. Tiff Thompson and Dr. Nick Dogris organized and presented a wealth of complex material in clear, concise formats, and they and their staff could not have been more helpful in the hands-on experiential portion of the training. For people new to qEEG and neuromodulation techniques and protocols, Tiff and Nick took potentially intimidating material, both in volume and complexity, and introduced it patiently and efficiently, removing fear and doubt. They established a learning environment in which the students could help each other in addition to the help of the staff. I am looking forward to using the equipment in my practice and attending future trainings with them.

Rick Sautter, LCSW, BCB, BCN

"In 2016, when two distinguished English ladies set out to prove the benefits of neuro-therapy for my daughter’s intractable epilepsy, I was catapulted into the grove that very little in my 30 years of science had prepared me for. I have since attended 3 boot camp courses and various web conferences with both Nick and Tiff and they both carefully and sensibly provide a level of education and practical knowledge to enable safe and effective application of the Neurofield system. I sincerely thank them for their candour and the warmth which make me feel included in the neuro family and confident in achieving further self improvement, just as Sir Winston Churchill would say “there is always more to be had."

Jil Rabaud

From the time I have met Nick and Tiff, I have been drawn to their integrity and desire to be excellent in all they mentor others to do. Morphology of QEEG is essential. Being able to understand patterns, locations, and how to link dysregulated brain wave activity to symptoms, is an essential part of helping patients get better.

Through their mentoring I have learned how to better serve my patients and know when stim would be beneficial in their treatment. I have appreciated their collegial attitudes and openness to learn and teach others. I have learned so much, which has helped me to grow professionally.

Beyond all of that, Neurofield is a tribe. There is an openness and collegiality. I have gained friendships that have become very dear to me. It is a welcoming place.

Zoe Bonack, PsyD, BCN

Nick and Tiff are a phenomenal team providing insightful analysis of EEG from different and complimentary perspectives. Their ability to then take that detailed analysis to improve the lives of the people we have been entrusted to help through the technology and innovation of the Neurofield platform is astounding. We have trained with them annually in an attempt to keep up with developments and have been honoured that we have been able to host their trainings in the UK for 3 consecutive years.

Nick and Tiff are both visionaries. Their generosity to share their combined knowledge for the benefit and development of the field and our clients can not be underestimated.

Melanie & Maria The BrainCollective, UK

 "I am so thankful I met Nick & Tiff!

They are so knowledgeable as well as able to break down their knowledge in a meaningful way for people who are new to neurotherapy. Nick & Tiff are also so supportive of providers’ success with their clients.


Sara Wood

"Excellent blend of hands-on electives. Very much appreciate both Nick and Tiff’s teaching styles, they work well together. Bringing slightly different perspectives, which is very helpful. Can’t wait to start utilizing the equipment more fully! Thank you both for doing what you do!! You are really changing lives."

Sara Wood

I have always looked forward to Nick and Tiff’s courses and mentoring. I have had the good fortune to take a fair amount of NeuroField training. The experience has always been fun and entertaining. Nick and Tiff’s ability to take a very complex subject matter, make it simple, easy to grasp and easy to implement is quite amazing. I usually leave their training with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a desire to put into practice what I have just learned. I highly recommend the experience!

Phil Jones