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Welcome to the forefront of clinically applied neuromodulation. We train, certify, and outfit neurotherapy practitioners using three pillars of mastery: education, technology, and application.


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Premiere Neurotherapy Education

Learn to Read and Treat the Brain with the Leaders in the Field.

Become the best clinician you can be.

Designed for neurotherapy professionals of all stages—beginner, intermediate, or advanced—we offer the path for board certification in neurotherapy, quantitative EEG certification, and neuromodulation mastery. Whether your plan is to become a neurotherapist or deepen your skillset in neuroanalysis and treatment application, we’ve got you covered. 

The Premier Suite of Neurotherapy Education
Learning Library
Learning Library
QEEG Certifications
QEEG Certifications
Advanced Training

Advanced Training

What is Neurotherapy?

Teaching the Brain to Heal Itself.

Neurotherapy is both a science and an art. The assessment process involves reading brainwaves, quantifying the EEG, looking at spatially and spectrally independent patterns, sourcing your findings to neuroanatomical regions, and linking symptoms to the findings.

The treatment process can involve neurostimulation and/or neurofeedback to change those deviant patterns, relieving your clients of their symptoms.

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The Beginner's Bundle

Our Beginner's training bundle gives you everything you need to become a neurotherapist. 

Launch Your Neurotherapy Career 

Here's everything you need to get started. This comprehensive program provides everything to become certified and launch yourself into the exciting new world of neuromodulation therapy.


  • 5-Day Beginners Bootcamp
  • Board Certification in Neurotherapy
  • EEG for Beginners
  • Case Studies for Beginners
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Launch Your Neurotherapy Career

Experience Our Premium Memberships

If you are ready to jump in with both feet to get yourself up to speed on the latest and greatest in neurotherapy, our premium memberships are your ticket.


Our most popular membership to grow your knowledge. Ready to jump in with both feet? Then you’re best served by a Golden Membership; the best way to stay apprised of what is most relevant in neurotherapy. For students at all stages: catch up to the experts quickly by dedicating yourself to the process.

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Our most comprehensive membership for team access. The Platinum Membership provides you and four additional staff members top-tier access to educational courses, lectures, case studies, and more. Also included is one ticket to a Neurofield Advanced training, one ticket to a Boot camp, and one ticket to our annual Neurotherapy conference at the beach. 

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Introductory Membership

Get started with invaluable education! Sign up for a free membership and get access to monthly guest lectures, plus our special series, Neurotherapy for Specific Conditions. 

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 Introductory Membership


We've built an all-inclusive training to take you from a neurotherapy newbie to an experienced clinician. This program will give you all the skills you need to get up to speed and begin your career in this exciting field. 

The Fast Track


Consider advanced training in Event Related Potentials (ERPs), EEG, QEEG, and ICA analysis, neurostimulation, and other curricula, or get a Golden or Platinum membership and attend every class your bright mind desires.

Golden Membership


If you are already mentoring students in neurotherapy or EEG and QEEG or you are seasoned and ready to begin, you can be a great asset to the future of neurotherapy. We welcome you to apply to be a mentor!

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QEEG-Diplomat & QEEG-Technician Certification

QEEG-Diplomat & QEEG-Technician Certification

The board certification in quantitative EEG is a next level certification, which signals that you are at a level of proficiency in reading both EEG and quantitative EEG. This certification in computational neuroanalysis is a mark of achievement and distinction in the field. A technician can earn the QEEG Technician certification, and the licensed professional can earn the QEEG-Diplomat distinction. This certification requires taking our 40-hour self-paced course, receiving 10 hours of mentorship, and passing the board exam.


BCN & BCN-Technician Certification

The Board Certification in Neurofeedback is a fundamental certification recognizing health care professionals who have demonstrated completion of specific education and training requirements in the field of Neurofeedback. This online course is one of the approved options to fulfill the 36-hour requirement necessary for final certification.

BCN & BCN-Technician Certification

BCIA Approved 36-Hour Course

$1,150 usd

Top features

  •  Open enrollment year-round

  •  Self-paced home study program

  •  How-to videos of patient setups

  • Quizzes and practice exams to test your knowledge

  • Interviews of founders of the field, discussing their contributions

  • Ready access to larning modules

  • Explanatory videos

  • Recorded lectures on fundamental topics


IQCB Approved 40-hour Course

$950 usd

Top Features

  • How-to videos of patient setups

  • Videos demonstrate how to read EEG and QEEGs

  • Articles and required readings for the QEEG exam

  • Quizzes and practice exams

  • Lectures on how to spot clinically relevant information in brain-based data

  • Analysis of tough cases like mood disorders, epilepsy and ADHD

  • Interviews with the field’s founders


Neurofield Education


Neurofield’s 5-day immersive and hands-on bootcamp is offered both virtually and in-person, teaching students how to record and interpret EEG and QEEG, as well as apply neuromodulation from the ground up. This training covers Neurofield EEG analysis, Neurofield ERP analysis, Neurofield64 stimulation (pEMF, tDCS, tACS, pink noise, brown noise, vagus stimulation and photobiomodulation).

By the end of the training, the attendee will understand the decision tree of neuromodulation using Neurofield hardware and software. The newbie clinician will be accommodated well and the experienced clinician will be refreshed with new information and skillsets.

Advanced Trainings

Neurofield’s advanced trainings offer three days of advanced skills in computational neuroanalysis, Event Related Potentials (ERPs), and applied neurostimulation. These trainings are tailored to the students in the room, many of whom are experienced Neurofield practitioners.

Neurofield Education
Bootcamp Trainings
Advanced Training

 Guest Speakers

We welcome some of the brightest minds in the field to our trainings, conferences, and guest lectures. Sign up for a free introductory membership and get inspired by our monthly guests via Zoom. 

Guest Speakers

Meet the Founders of The School of Neurotherapy. 

The school of neurotherapy was established to help new and seasoned clinicians find their way through to becoming bona fide neurotherapists. The inspiration of the school was the plight of many new neurotherapists, who had to bushwhack their way through understanding software, hardware, certifications, neurofeedback, biofeedback, finding mentors, etc.   

We have grown and matured in the years from offering neuromodulation bootcamps and advanced in-person courses to offering all we can think that the new and seasoned clinician might need to advance their practice.  

We are based in Santa Barbara, California, but we teach online and travel to assist clinicians all over the globe in whatever they need and desire to advance their practice and help their patients.  


Tiff Thompson

Tiff Thompson, Ph.D., QEEGD, BCN, LMFT

The School of Neurotherapy was co-founded and created by Tiff Thompson. Tiff is a clinical neuroscientist, licensed therapist, educator, and technologist. She is the founder and owner of the Santa Barbara clinic, NeuroField Neurotherapy.

Nicholas J. Dogris

Nicholas J. Dogris, Ph.D., BCN, QEEG-D

Co-founder of the School of Neurotherapy, Dr. Dogris also is the founder of NeuroField, a hardware and software company that focuses on neuromodulation devices, such as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), and more. 

Meet Tiff & Nick
Ready To Join the #Neurofam

Ready To Join the #Neurofam?

We are dedicated to building a forward-thinking cadre of practitioners who are dedicated to creating lasting impacts through neurotherapy. That's why we offer training for all skill levels and experience. Featuring certification courses, ongoing seminars, and cutting-edge classes, we are the premier Neurotherapy school, focused on keeping practitioners on the leading edge of Neurotherapy. 


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Our most popular membership for the knowledge-hungry clinician, offering loads of free courses, content, archives, and discounts on multi-day trainings.



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Free resources to help grow your knowledge in the burgeoning field of neurotherapy. Just set up a membership and start interacting with our knowledge base. 

Allison Hartzoge
Allison Hartzoge

“They are providing us with cutting-edge tools and methodology. No matter what your skill level, Nick, Tiff, and staff find a way to connect and teach the skills necessary to advance your practice in Neurotherapy.”

Lenka Zdrazilova
Lenka Zdrazilova, Ph.D

"I came away with invaluable new insights into client issues plus specific tools that help me more accurately interpret EEG data, and to match the findings to effective treatment protocols and strategies. "

Rick Sautter

Rick Sautter, LCSW, BCB, BCN

"Neurofield Boot Camp was tremendous. Dr. Tiff Thompson and Dr. Nick Dogris organized and presented a wealth of complex material in clear, concise formats, and they and their staff could not have been more helpful in the hands-on experiential portion of the training."


What Is Neurotherapy? 



What do neurotherapists do?

Mar 25, 2024