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The Platinum Membership provides a value of over $10,000 in unprecedented access to neurotherapy education and training for you and your team. Enjoy top-tier access to educational courses, lectures, case studies, and more. Platinum Membership includes a Bootcamp Training discount, one ticket to a Neurofield Advanced Training, and one ticket to our year-end Neurotherapy Conference at the beach. 

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Platinum Membership Benefits

Want to train with the best minds in Neurotherapy?

Our Platinum Membership can help you advance your practice. Here's what's included.

Included in Platinum Membership

Case Studies Group

$1000 Annual Value

The quarterly Case Study Group is an online 8-session forum in which clinicians present their toughest cases. In these 1-hour recorded sessions, Dr. Tiff Thompson guides the group through raw data analysis, and assessment modalities including: (EEGLab, WinEEG, NeuroField ERP, ICA, NeuroField EEG, Neuroguide, etc.) and discusses protocol selection. An easy way to stay informed of the newest means of computational neuroanalysis, neuromodulation interventions, NeuroField innovations, neurostimulation protocols, neurofeedback and biofeedback features, and treatment modalities, Case Studies includes tips and tricks that keep us excited.

Included in Platinum Membership

ERP Study Group

$1000 Annual Value

The quarterly ERP Study Group is an online, 8-session forum in which clinicians present their toughest cases. In these 1-hour recorded sessions, Dr. Nick Dogris provides participants with opportunities for in-depth analysis of ERP data using EEGLab, NeuroField ERP, and NeuroField EEG. of ERP data using EEGLab.

Event-related potentials are time-locked events that are used to determine your patient's level of cognitive flexibility and reaction time. This modality of assessment is of unique import to client demographics, such as TBI, age-related cognitive decline, childhood disorders, learning disorders, and the like. This course is for intermediate to advanced practitioners who are ready to integrate the gold standard of computational neuroscience into their arsenal.

Included in Platinum Membership

Neurofam Hot Topics

$385 Value

These are some of the topics requested by the NeuroFam for 2024. We heard you! We want you to be happy, so we’re offering an EXCLUSIVE, free series for Golden and Platinum Members ONLY.

Topics this year range from the “Neuroscience of Spirituality” to “Foundational Research in Neurostimulation.” Each month you can tune in to learn about a new, interesting topic in the field of Neurotherapy.

Included in Platinum Membership

Catch Up with Nick

$385 Annual Value

This monthly update was inspired by the break-neck speed at which NeuroField innovates, and by your expressed need to 'keep up'!

Nick will bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest protocols; what’s working well, (and what isn’t), new developments coming down the pike for software and hardware, the newest revelations that are made in connectivity metrics, ERP processing, ICA, EEG and QEEG, as well as the application of all stimulation modalities and their blended variations, and more. Every month will present an opportunity to catch up!

Included in Platinum Membership

Neurostim For Clinical Profiles

$825 Value

This lecture series features Nick and Tiff  together - a powerhouse of information!

Tiff will detail the profiles seen in various conditions (e.g. the 9 profiles of ADHD, the 12 profiles of anxiety, etc.) and Nick will discuss protocols he finds most effective in changing the presentation of the condition  and its corollary symptoms.

1 Each, Per Platinum Membership

Advanced Training

$940 Annual Value

The NeuroField Intermediate / Advanced Training 3-Day immersion is designed to enhance your skills in EEG and QEEG assessment, analysis, map interpretation, neuromodulation and treatment planning in the NeuroField64 software platform, Event-Related Potentials in NeuroField ERP, as well as Independent Components Analysis via Neurofield EEG. Case studies are welcome. This training is for intermediate to advanced neurotherapy clinicians. It is strongly advised that a NeuroField Bootcamp be attended before the Advanced Workshop.

One Discount Per Platinum Membership

Bootcamp Training

$260 Savings with Platinum Membership

15% off BootCamp Training

Attend yourself, or send a member of your team.

The NeuroField 2.0 5-day Bootcamp is more than just a refresher for clinicians who have taken the Neurofield Basic training in the past. This seminar is designed to get clinicians and technicians up to speed on the use of noise (pink/ brown/white) in the clinical application of stimulation, creating your own customized protocols for your clients.

1 Discount Per Platinum Membership

Technician Training

$940 Annual Value

Attend yourself, or send a member of your team.

This 3-day course is offered online and in-person.  Learn about capping, electrode placement, manual controls, threshholds, use of NeuroField EEG, NeuroField ERP, and how to navigate through NeuroField64 stimulation software. Also learn how to override stimulation, duration and amplitude of stimulation, and how to troubleshoot any issue that may arise. Taught by veteran technician, Alex Montes de Oca.

1 Discount Each, Per Platinum Membership

Certification Courses

Up to $525 Savings with Platinum Membership

Get Certified!

Enjoy access to the industry standard in neurotherapy certification with BCIA and IQCB.

25% off BCIA Certification Course —for BCN or BCN-T

25% off QEEG Certification Course —for QEEG or QEEG-D

1 Each, Per Platinum Membership

The 6th Neurotherapy Conference

$950 Annual Value

Platinum Membership provides you one ticket to join influential, innovative, and inspiring leaders in the field of neurotherapy at the 6th Neurotherapy Conference at the Beach!

November 7th – 9th, 2024.

For Your Team

Access for Staff

$5770 Annual Value | per person

List up to 4 additional staff persons who will have access to a variety of educational courses and lectures with your Platinum Membership.

This is a team package; providing access to online educational resources for up to 5 total team members.

Discounted trainings, certifications, and conference access are limited to one (1) per platinum membership.

*  These are benefits afforded to your additional registered staff persons:

NeuroFam Hot Topics

Neurostim for Clinical Profiles

Catch Up With Nick

Case Studies - Intermediate & Advanced

ERP Case Studies 

What else comes with the Platinum Membership?

Tech Support (M-F, 8am – 5pm PST) : our software support team assists with installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting for various softwares, including Neurofield EEG, Neurofield 64, Neurofield ERP and Matlab/EEGlab.

Software Upgrades:  NeuroField software upgrades improve the user experience, and patient experience, improving and fine-tuning the efficacy of application.  Platinum membership ensures you will have access to the newest Neurofield software with technical support as needed.