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Get your technicians trained at the

Neurotechnician Training

3-Day Immersion

The NeuroField Tech Training is a live and online training for technicians who are using NeuroField in the clinics of licensed health care practitioners. This training is meant to get your technicians up to speed with the latest in NeuroField technology as well as maintain a high standard of care and expertise.  This training focuses on the basics: 


  • How to cap and acquire EEG on individuals 
  • How to use NeuroField EEG 
  • How to properly clean a head and place electrodes 
  • How to use NeuroField ERP 
  • How to work up analysis data 
  • How to navigate through the NeuroField64 stimulation software 
  • How to use the Manual Controls 
  • How to threshold a Neurofeedback session 
  • How to override stimulation type given, duration given, and amplitude given 
  • How to troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned 

 ...And more  


This three-day course is taught by Alexandra Montes de Oca, Director of Operations at NeuroField Neurotherapy and technician extraordinaire, who has been present for the evolution of NeuroField.