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NeuroField Hardware & Software Education

If you are looking to incorporate neurostimulation and cutting edge computational neuroanalysis into your practice, consider Neurofield. 

NeuroField software includes NeuroField64 (stim technology), NeuroField Analysis (EEG and ICA technology) and NeuroField ERP testing which have all been developed to offer the full spectrum of Neurotherapy modalities. These software products have evolved over time to take advantage of the latest innovations in the fields of neuromodulation, neurofeedback, data analysis, scans, QEEG, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Event Related Potentials (ERP). NeuroField software supports these concepts as stand-alone modalities. 


Catch Up With Nick
Neurofield Software Overview
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Catch Up with Nick

This monthly meeting was inspired by the break-neck speed of NeuroField’s innovations and the need to keep up! In this monthly update, Nick will speed people up on the latest and greatest protocols, what’s working well (and what isn’t), the new developments coming down the pike for the software and hardware, the newest revelations that are made in connectivity metrics, ERP processing, ICA, EEG and QEEG, the application of all stimulation modalities and their blended variations, and more.

Every month will present an opportunity to catch up!

NeuroField Software Overview

Each 1-hour course is an opportunity for you to learn more about the NeuroField software. Dr. Dogris will be your guide as he shows you all the features and capabilities of the NeuroField 64, EEG and ERP software.

NeuroField EEG

This is a 1-hour online software overview of the NeuroField Electroencephalograph (EEG) acquisition and analysis program designed by Dr. Nicholas Dogris and Dr. Sahin Ozsoy.The NeuroField EEG software has the capability to record, edit, and process EEG data. It contains features such as generating Z-score reports and pre-post comparison reports that show a statistically significant difference.The software is consistently being improved and upgraded so sign up to stay tuned in on the latest, greatest features.

NeuroField ERP

This is a 1-hour free software overview of the NeuroField Event Related Potentials (ERP) program created by Dr. Sahin Ozsoy and Dr. Nicholas Dogris.

The NeuroField ERP is a rich analysis software used to determine brain functionality when given a time-related task. The results from this task can determine diagnosis and a treatment plan.

If you are curious how this software can be further integrated into your clinical practice, sign up to learn more.





NeuroField 64 

This is a 1-hour online software overview of NeuroField 64 created by Dr. Nicholas Dogris, Dr. Sahin Ozsoy, and Brad Wiitala.

The NeuroField 64 is the software to deliver neurostimulation, neurofeedback, and pEMF treatment. This software contains hundreds of pre-built treatment protocols and it also contains the ability for you to create your own unique protocols.

Sign up for more insight on how to navigate this software and learn more about its potential.




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