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Your all-access pass to the best Neurotherapy education. 

NeuroFam Hot Topics

Each month, delve into a unique topic taught by Dr. Thompson or Dr. Dogris. The Neurofam asked, and we delivered. These are the most requested topics asked by our clinicians around the world. We are excited to announce our 2024 lineup.

Explore the expansiveness of the doctor's minds are they teach topics such as "The EEG and Neuroscience of Spirituality" and "Foundational Research in Neurostimulation" all the way to the most useful like "What to Use, When: tDCS, tRNS, tACS, tAPNS, tABNS, pEMF" and "Neurostimulation for Deep Brain Structures."

EEG For Beginners

This 10-week program is for those who are just beginning to read and interpret EEG data. Each week, learn how to identify EEG signatures, utilize brain-analysis software, and connect this data to pathologies and patient symptoms. Whether you are just starting out, need a refresher, or need to deepen your fundamental understanding of EEG and QEEG, this program is for you. 

For intermediate or advanced students, we are also offering these classes individually:

NeuroField All-Levels Bootcamp:

5-Day Immersion

Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, join us for 5 days of Neurotherapy training.

Designed with clinicians of all levels in mind, this course will teach you multiple techniques and procedures through didactic lecture and hands-on training.  

Dr. Nicholas Dogris and Dr. Tiff Thompson will teach you advanced neurostimulation, analysis, and neurofeedback procedures from the ground up

NeuroField Advanced Training:

3-Day Immersion

The NeuroField Neuromodulation Advanced Training and Think Tank is designed to enhance your skills in collecting and reading a 37-channel EEG and enagage in QEEG assessment, analysis, map interpretation, neuromodulation and treatment planning in the NeuroField64 software platform, Event Related Potentials in NeuroField ERP, as well as Independent Components Analysis via Neurofield EEG.  This training is for intermediate to advanced neurotherapy clinicians looking to weave neurostimulation into their practice. This three-day training will cover how to get the most out of clinically applied neurostimulation, and administer effective treatment. 

NeuroTechnician Training:

3-Day Immersion

 The NeuroField Tech Training is a live and online training for technicians who are using NeuroField in the clinics of licensed health care practitioners. This training is meant to get your technicians up to speed with the latest in NeuroField technology as well as maintain a high standard of care and expertise. 

This three-day course is taught by Alexandra Montes De Oca, Director of Operations at NeuroField Neurotherapy and technician extraordinaire, who has been present for the evolution of NeuroField. 

Case Studies Groups

Level: Case Studies for Beginners

Focus: Raw EEG & QEEG

This is a quarterly case studies group is tailored to those new to EEG and QEEG. This 8-session online forum is where clinicians present their toughest cases. Whether you are just starting out, or seasoned, you can benefit from this focused discussion! In these recorded sessions, Dr. Tiff Thompson will walk through raw data, assessment modalities (EEGLab and all its accouterments, WinEEG, software application ERP, Independent Components Analysis, software application EEG, Neuroguide, etc.), and then discuss the current-day thought process involved with protocol selection.

This is an easy way to get up to speed on the newest means of computational neuro analysis, as well as neuromodulation interventions, the latest software/equipment innovations, neurostimulation protocols, neurofeedback, biofeedback bells and whistles, treatment modalities, and other tips and tricks that keep us excited. We hope you will join us.

Join us for just a season or two! Each season contains 8 weekly courses:

Level: Case Studies for Intermediate/Advanced

Focus: Raw EEG, QEEG, & ICA

The quarterly Case Study Group is an online, 8-session forum in which clinicians present their toughest cases. In these 1-hour recorded sessions, Dr. Tiff Thompson guides the group through raw data analysis, and assessment modalities including: (EEGLab, WinEEG, NeuroField ERP, ICA, NeuroField EEG, Neuroguide, etc.) and discusses protocol selection. An easy way to stay informed of the newest means of computational neuroanalysis, neuromodulation interventions, NeuroField innovations, neurostimulation protocols, neurofeedback and biofeedback features, and treatment modalities, Case Studies includes tips and tricks that keep us excited. We hope you'll join us. 

Join us for just a season or two! Each season contains 8 weekly courses:

ERP Case Studies

Focus: Event Related Potentials

The Event-Related Potential (ERPs) Study Group is a one-hour, recorded study group that will offer an in-depth analysis of ERP data using EEGLab. Event-related potentials are time-locked events that are used to determine your patients’ level of cognitive flexibility and reaction time. This modality of assessment is of unique import to client demographics, such as TBI, age-related cognitive decline, childhood disorders, learning disorders, and the like. 

This course is for intermediate to advanced practitioners who are ready to integrate the gold standard of computational neuroscience into their arsenal. The course is cumulative, and will build from addressing the basics in the first few sessions, to more complex lines of reasoning and understanding, as the season wears on.  

We will conduct a deep dive into ERP toolsets that can help you to understand ERPs and how to them in clinical treatment planning. Every person should have a chance to have data analyzed and interpreted. We hope you will join us.

Join us for just a season or two! Each season contains 8 weekly courses:

Neurostim for Clinical Profiles

Are you wondering what kind of protocols various presentations of conditions respond to? This lecture series features the tag team of Nick and Tiff, where Tiff will detail the profiles seen in various conditions (e.g. the 9 profiles of ADHD, the 12 profiles of anxiety, etc.) and Nick will discuss protocols he finds most effective in changing the condition’s presentation and it’s corollary symptoms. 

This is the most sought-after course offered in 2024. Get the chance to be online with the power-couple of Neurotherapy, tackling clinical profiles together in one room for two whole hours. Truly, the blending of the greatest minds.

Individual classes are made available:

Guest Lectures

We are delighted to have the luxury and pleasure of featuring some of the top minds in the field— contributing to our mission to provide the best education in neurotherapy. Join us each month as we bring exceptional speakers to the table. Stay tuned as we unveil our 2024 lineup! These lectures are FREE and we are so excited to provide them for our community, the Neurotribe! 

NeuroField Software Overviews

NeuroField EEG

This is a 1-hour online software overview of the NeuroField Electroencephalograph (EEG) acquisition and analysis program designed by Dr. Nicholas Dogris and Dr. Sahin Ozsoy.

The NeuroField EEG software has the capability to record, edit, and process EEG data. It contains features such as generating Z-score reports and pre-post comparison reports that show a statistically significant difference.

The software is consistently being improved and upgraded so sign up to stay tuned in on the latest, greatest features.

NeuroField ERP

This is a 1-hour free software overview of the NeuroField Event Related Potentials (ERP) program created by Dr. Sahin Ozsoy and Dr. Nicholas Dogris.

The NeuroField ERP is a rich analysis software used to determine brain functionality when given a time-related task. The results from this task can determine diagnosis and a treatment plan.

If you are curious how this software can be further integrated into your clinical practice, sign up to learn more.

NeuroField 64 

This is a 1-hour online software overview of NeuroField 64 created by Dr. Nicholas Dogris, Dr. Sahin Ozsoy, and Brad Wiitala.

The NeuroField 64 is the software to deliver neurostimulation, neurofeedback, and pEMF treatment. This software contains hundreds of pre-built treatment protocols and it also contains the ability for you to create your own unique protocols.

Sign up for more insight on how to navigate this software and learn more about its potential.

Catch Up with Nick

This monthly meeting was inspired by the break-neck speed of NeuroField’s innovations and the need to keep up! In this monthly update, Nick will speed people up on the latest and greatest protocols, what’s working well (and what isn’t), the new developments coming down the pike for the software and hardware, the newest revelations that are made in connectivity metrics, ERP processing, ICA, EEG and QEEG, the application of all stimulation modalities and their blended variations, and more.

Every month will present an opportunity to catch up!

Pushing the Buttons