Winter | ERP Study Group

The Event-Related Potential (ERPs) Study Group is a one-hour, recorded study group that will offer an in-depth analysis of ERP data using EEGLab. Event-related potentials are time-locked events that are used to determine your patients’ level of cognitive flexibility and reaction time. This modality of assessment is of unique import to client demographics, such as TBI, age-related cognitive decline, childhood disorders, learning disorders, and the like. 

This course is for intermediate to advanced practitioners who are ready to integrate the gold standard of computational neuroscience into their arsenal. The course is cumulative, and will build from addressing the basics in the first few sessions, to more complex lines of reasoning and understanding, as the season wears on.  

We will conduct a deep dive into ERP toolsets that can help you to understand ERPs and how to them in clinical treatment planning. Every person should have a chance to have data analyzed and interpreted. We hope you will join us.

$250.00 USD

We recommend paring the Winter Case Studies for Int/Adv with this course if you are interested in enhancing your education about clinical case studies and diagnostic tools.