Demystifying Neurotherapy — A Public Talk

Tuesday, May 28th | 6pm — 8pm PST

Unity of Santa Barbara | 227 E. Arrellaga 

Join us online:

Join the inventors of NeuroField stimulation technology as they describe and discuss Neurotherapy and Neurostimulation.

Dr. Tiff Thompson and Dr. Nicholas Dogris will provide an introduction to this emerging standard of care as they answer your questions about this cutting-edge approach to treating the brain. They will discuss how it works, and how it helps to combat a number of conditions and pathologies.

Head injuries, mood disorders, developmental delays, and learning disabilities are a few of the conditions that neurotherapy can change the course of.

These two Santa Barbara locals are the inventors of NeuroField’s stimulation technology which they teach to healthcare professionals internationally.

Non-invasive clinical neurostimulation therapy blends frequency-based light therapy, pulsed electro-magnetic frequency therapy, and transcranial stimulation (like direct current, alternating current, and pink noise therapies) for powerful effects.

Now what does all of that mean? Join us and find out, through explanatory discussion and open dialogue.

If you have been curious about neurotherapy, you can learn about the invention of NeuroField tech, and the types of injuries and pathologies we address. 

From brain mapping, to analysis, to treatment protocols for a number of injuries and pathologies — learn how it works.

We’ll answer any questions and field any concerns.

Refreshments served.

Please join us!